• DSC_6545


    For kids… The Trust sponsors the Tom Denney Nature Camp in Bolton. July to early August.

  • DSC_7868

    Practice Rock Climbing

    The advanced Eco-Adventures campers from Tom Denney Nature Camp

  • Bolton Town Center Initiative

    Initiative to transform the Old Smith Property a vibrant Town Common

  • Walking the Trail

    Walking the Trails

    Huge group walk – recent.

  • Fun Class

    A fun class

    Hey – my owl poop – I mean pellet – contains a dehydrated frog skeleton

  • 275th Anniversary

    275th Anniversary

  • OWl - BCT Annual Mtg2010

    Owl – BCT Meeting 2010

    How to lose a finger…

  • Trail Blazing by Roemer and Son

    Trail Blazers

    Roemer and Son Trail Blazing

  • Nature Education

    Four Winds Nature Training

    Liz teaches the appreciation in natural observation

  • Free finger removal


    Free finger removal

  • Kids having fun

    Kids having fun

    Pick up stuff and learn

  • Old photo of Library

    Old Photo of Library

    Not long after being built

  • Nan's Old House

    Phineas Wright House

    Phineas Wright House

  • Horton Trail Guide-7

    Horton Trail

    Horton Trail

  • Bower_Springs

    Bower Springs

    A popular conservation area for hikers, dog walkers, and home of Tom Denney Nature Camp

  • picturesquebolto00bolt_0018

    The old Warren House

    The old Warren House

  • IMG_1780

    Four Winds class – Oxygen and Flame

    Flame consumes oxygen and self extinguishes

The Bolton Conservation Trust

The Bolton Conservation Trust has embarked on an exciting initiative. Please join us in envisioning and supporting the creation of a vibrant Town Common in the heart of Bolton.  

Public Input

Public input regarding the future of the building at 715 Main Street, Bolton was acquired Wednesday, 16 July, at 7:00 PM

In mid-Autumn, the Trust will invite all residents to participate in a broader survey to canvass ideas to shape the Town Common. The survey will be followed by public design workshops in the fall.

Robert Roemer
Chair, Bolton Center Steering Committee
Director, Bolton Conservation Trust

The Bolton Town Common Initiative

The Trust is embarking on what will be its most ambitious project: to transform eight acres in the heart of Bolton into a vibrant Town Common that can be enjoyed by all.

Tom Denney Nature Camp

The Tom Denney Nature Camp, with Eco-Adventures for middle-schoolers, is held at Bower Springs Conservation Area from July until August. It is as nature-immersed as a day camp for kids can be. Woods, fields, streams, ponds, trees, and trails. Register at http://tdnc.boltonconservationtrust.org/

Please Join and Donate

Please donate and join all the other Bolton residents.

Become a vital part of Bolton Conservation Trust’s mission.
Thanks to our members and donors, we are bringing communities and nature together by connecting people and the land.