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    For kids… The Trust sponsors the Tom Denney Nature Camp in Bolton. July to early August.

  • DSC_7868

    Practice Rock Climbing

    The advanced Eco-Adventures campers from Tom Denney Nature Camp

  • Bolton Town Common Initiative

    Initiative to transform the Old Smith Property into a vibrant Town Common

  • Walking the Trail

    Annual Meeting Walk

    Trust members enjoy a trail walk and talk about raptors before the Annual Meeting

  • Fun Class

    Fun with Four Winds – Birds’ Beaks

    Students practice picking things up using different things as “beaks”

  • 275th Anniversary

    July 4th Parade

    Tom Denney Nature Camp counselors and campers decorate a car for the Bolton July 4th Parade

  • OWl - BCT Annual Mtg2010

    Annual Meeting Talk – Raptors

    Bird’s eye view…

  • The Bolton Trails Committee

    Is now online!
    Visit and find property maps, meeting & work party information, project photos, and more!

  • Trail Blazing by Roemer and Son

    New Bolton Center Trail

    Bob and Max Roemer, and Al Ferry complete work on the new Bolton Center Trail.

  • Nature Education

    Fun with Four Winds – Signs of Leaf-Eaters

    Students learn that different insects eat leaves in different ways. Some eat edges, some chew holes in the middle, some eat everything but the tough veins.

  • Free finger removal

    Annual Meeting Talk – Raptors

    Trust members enjoyed a raptor presentation at the Annual Meeting. This vulture was a guest of honor.

  • Kids having fun

    Fun with Four Winds – Frog Stomp

    Students look for eggs, tadpoles, frogs and toads in a vernal pool

  • Horton Trail Guide-7

    Horton Trail

    Horton Trail

  • Bowers Springs

    A popular conservation area for hikers, dog walkers, and home of Tom Denney Nature Camp

  • IMG_1780

    Fun with Four Winds – Air Matters

    Air occupies volume! When the flame consumes oxygen, water is pulled into the jar to fill its space.

  • Flag1

    Town Common Flag Ceremony

    Bolton Scout Troops participated in the first Town Common flag ceremony on the Fourth of July 2016

  • Sullivan

    Sullivan Conservation Property

    Sullivan Conservation Property

  • Schultz

    Schultz Conservation Property

  • Phillips

    Phillip Phillips Conservation Area

  • HeldCR

    Held Conservation Restriction

  • 2012-Spring 013

    Annual Yard and Plant Sale at the Old Smith Garage

  • JamesCR

    James Conservation Restriction

The Bolton Conservation Trust

Committed to sustaining the character of Bolton for existing and future generations by engaging the community through events, environmental education programs and land stewardship.

Save the Date – Annual Holiday Tree and Menorah Lighting

The Bolton Conservation Trust invites you to the annual Tree & Menorah Lighting. There will be a show of lights, a huge bonfire, music, and cookie & cocoa for all. Santa has been invited to attend and he is trying to fit it in to schedule -- so our fingers are crossed that he arrives! Admission is free. Limited parking is available on the Common for Trust members (parking pass must be requested in advance at info@boltontowncommon.org). Trust memberships is open to all at BoltonConservationTrust.org; Family Membership is only $60). Offsite parking is available at Trinity Church on Wattaquadock Hill Road. Carpooling is encouraged. We hope to see you there! treelightingoncommon2015

Miles of Trails Contest!

There are 35.5 miles of trails in Bolton conservation!


The Bolton Trails Guide

Bolton's new full color, spiral-bound, field ready trail guide is now available! Cover12

Bolton Town Common is getting Green!

Site grading is complete, curbing with sidewalks installed, and grass is growing. Find out how you can help Our Common Cause. Click the logo below to learn more and get involved!

Common Cause

Our work complements that of the Bolton Conservation Commission. In comparison, the Commission is a Town board, appointed by the Board of Selectmen and tasked with regulatory functions – including administering the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (MGL Ch. 131.s 40) and the Bolton Wetland Law 1.18 – and the maintenance of Town-owned conservation land. Conversely, we are an independent, all-volunteer, non-governmental organization. The Bolton Conservation Trust depends on membership support, both monetary and volunteering, to succeed in its mission. Please JOIN US!