About the Trust

The Bolton Conservation Trust, Incorporated is a private, non-profit corporation chartered under Chapter 180 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


We launched an updated mission statement at our 2016 Annual Meeting.

“The Trust is committed to sustaining the character of Bolton for existing and future generations by engaging the community through events, environmental education programs and land stewardship.”

Our new tagline is


Why the change? Actually, nothing about what we care about and what we do has changed.

Historically, the mission of the Bolton Conservation Trust, as stated in its charter, is to assist in and promote the preservation of the rural character of the Town of Bolton in order to preserve and maintain areas: for conservation of public water resources; for preservation of marshland, swamps and other wetlands and the animal life therein, sections of unique historical significance or natural beauty, green-belt and similar open sections; for the education of the public concerning the wise use of natural resources; for general public outdoor passive recreation; and for the encouragement of the study of plants, animals, birds and other wildlife, and the sylvan culture of the Town of Bolton.

And today, we strive to make and influence decisions that preserve or improve our environment, strengthen and invest in our community, and leave Bolton as good or better than when we came. Not only do we work to preserve, conserve and maintain land in Bolton, we actively engage individuals, as well as organizations, in community activities, offer unique environmental education and outdoor recreation opportunities, all while respecting our town’s rich agricultural, cultural and social heritage.

Purpose of the Bolton Conservation Trust

“To protect Bolton’s rural heritage and natural assets” means to acquire or protect such assets through bequest, donation, purchase, or usage restriction for benefit of Bolton residents.

We invite you to join the Bolton Conservation Trust and help preserve the rural character of Bolton that we all enjoy. The Trust has thus far been successful through the financial support of its members. Membership funding provides the resources to help balance the spread of development in Bolton. Even though Bolton’s population has multiplied, the Trust has played a lead role in protecting open space and farms in the town.

Your membership will continue to help landowners donate land or conservation restrictions. Even land donations entail significant legal, engineering and maintenance expenses. Now these properties combined can total hundreds of acres of open space in our town. Although a small percentage of the town land, conservation areas not only make Bolton a beautiful place to live but also help maintain the value of our property.

With your help, the Trust can continue to help obtain Agricultural Preservation Restrictions on property, as has already been done for The Nashoba Valley Winery, and for the Schartner, Nicewicz and Schultz farms that make up nearly a 300 acre block of protected farmland.

The Trust strives to preserve the town’s environmental future by connecting with Bolton’s children to educate them on the unique natural world in which they live. The Trust offers the popular Tom Denney Nature Camp, held July and August at the Bowers Springs Conservation Area, and sponsors the parent-run hands-on Four Winds Nature Program which reaches over 600 students in Bolton’s schools. Tax-deductible individual memberships start as low as $35 (for students $10), and family memberships of $60 or higher can select their Tom Denney Nature summer camp weeks early.

First time family-level members also receive a free copy of the Bolton Trails Guide.

If you are a member interested in a more active role in conservation projects, please contact us through this membership registration website (email:), the Bolton Conservation Trust web site at www.BoltonConservationTrust.org or call us at 978-429-3004.

Working with town boards and local and regional agencies, the Bolton Conservation Trust would like to continue to preserve Bolton’s rural character and keep it the special place that it is, but your support is needed.