Who We Are

The Trust is run by a Board of Directors, each of whom is elected to a three year term with four terms expiring each year. The Trust occasionally appoints Associate and Advisory Directors, and Consultants, who assist on projects and may attend monthly meetings.

Directors meet on the third Wednesday of each month at the Trust offices. In addition, there is an annual meeting held in the Spring of each year to elect the slate of directors.

Below is the current list of officers and directors of the Trust.

Dan Gaffney, President
Liz Schoepke, Vice President and Education Director
Bob Johnson, Clerk
Burt Shnitzler, Treasurer

Al Ferry
Kristin Gaynor
Rich Dischler
Meg O’Leary
Bob Roemer
Betsy Taylor-Kennedy

Ellie Vinacco, Trust Administrator

Bonnie Potter, Advisory Director
Tom Parker, Advisory Director
Herb Colby, Advisory Director
Tina Flaherty, Advisory Director
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