How many of our green spaces can you visit by the end of the summer? Here in Bolton we have the great privilege of being surrounded by beautiful woods and trails. It is our mission to see as many residents as possible taking advantage of these resources. To encourage community members of ALL ages to do this, we have a challenge for you — visit as many conservation areas as possible by the end of the summer. We will provide everything you need to complete the challenge, including a notebook that you use to document your adventures.

Your job is to get outside on Bolton’s nature trails! When you get to your destination, stamp your notebook, sign your name in the book and take a photo of your adventure. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative photos!

This fun challenge is sponsored by the Bolton Conservation Trust & Trails Committee.


1. Get started: Pick up a notebook at the Bolton Public Library

2. Go explore nature: Get out on the conservation trails and find the stamps (hints for the locations can be found at https://www.boltontrails.org/BOC)

3. Claim your prize: Find us at our trails booth at Backyard Bolton at the end of the summer and show us your book and earn prizes: adventure backpacks for kids and tote bags for adults

For more information:

If you want to get your kids outside and in nature this summer, then check out the Tom Denney Nature Camp at https://www.tomdenneynaturecamp.org/. Spots are still available.

Locations of stamps:

  1. Vaughn Hill – Beaver Dam: Approaching from the Green St. Parking area walk to the beaver pond shore staying to the eastern side. Walk east and you will see the beaver dam to your left and a very large fallen oak tree, roots and all. Look in the tree trunk side of the root mass to find the container.
  2. Bowers Spring: Proceed on path towards the ponds.  Turn right at the dog waste station.  In 300′, bear right at the fork.  Continue approximately 1300′ on the path through the north meadow.  Turn right just before the trail map and look for a small bridge. The container is tucked into the south side of a tree on the right side of the bridge. 42.466790°N 71.604910°W
  3. Gould-White – Cave: Located near the entrance to the cave as displayed on the Gould-White Map (POI Flag#1)
  4. Danforth – Abandoned Cars: near one of the cars along the gas pipeline
  5. Powder House: Look near the historical Powder House structure displayed on the Powder House Map (POI Flag#1)
  6. Zink/Northwoods – Boulder-With-A-Face about ¾ mi in from Corn Rd trailhead, nestled in nook at base of the boulder, right-hand side of trail
  7. Houghton Farm – Waterfall Bridge: starting at Houghton Farm trail head, on the far side of bridge, nestled in tree base, on the left
  8. Ballville – Cave: Start at the Oak Trail Circuit trailhead near the entrance to the housing development. Follow the path past the houses, turn right at the sharp turn into North Brook Valley. Take a right turn at the fork with a sign to Ballville. Pass the Indian. The path eventually turns downwards past a the trail junction. Turn right on to the Ballville Upper Path; cross the access track. The Cave is a short distance down the hill. About 1 mile from the start. The stamp container is next to a rock and tree below the cave Lat 42.43035428762032 Long -71.6420602798462
  9. Kettle Hole Loop: Enter the trail at the wooden sign on the west side of Kettle Hole Rd just south of where Fox Run comes in. Follow the trail as it curves counter-clockwise to the left around the kettle hole geological feature after which it is named. You’ll go down a steep slope and then back up to the rim as you reach the highest point on the feature. Look down to your left to see the expanse of the geological feature as you continue along the rim. Keep an eye out for foxes. They LOVE the Kettle Hole for its isolation and feeding ground resource, and they frequently dig dens on the slope to raise their kits in. You’ll eventually reach a point with two large trees on the rim and some downed logs lying between them. You’ll see the box snuggled up to one of the downed logs with an orange flag beside it. Continue counter-clockwise along the rim a few hundred feet to the exit via a private driveway out to Kettle Hole Rd. Look left to see the entry way you started at.  
  10. Rattlesnake – Split Rock: About 0.5mi from TH3 trailhead at the end of Old Sugar Rd. Between the split rocks in a fissure in the north face about 4’ above the ground
  11. Rattlesnake – Quarry Cave: About 0.5mi from TH1 trailhead on Main Street. Located near the entrance to the cave between intersection markers 1B and 1C.
  12. Wilder Goose Pond – Pond View at end of loop: Enter and park at the wooden trail sign on the right side of Rte117 heading east just after Goose Pond Rd. Follow the entry trail with Rte 117 on your left for 500 ft, and then turn right and continue across the footbridge you’ll see ahead of you. Follow that trail along the old Lancaster Railroad bed for another 400 ft to where you’ll see a fork in the trail marked on a large double tree trunk with two yellow arrows marking the fork. The box is located at the base of the tree and marked with an orange flag. One trail goes to the right toward the Goose Pond Road neighborhood. The other branch continues down toward Wilder Pond, loops around to your left toward the pond and back up along a stone wall toward the entry trail and then through a gap in the wall to the intersection where the box is located. You can exit back up along the rail bed, or out through the Goose Pond Rd neighborhood and along Rte 117 back to the parking spot. 
  13. Fyfeshire Refurbished Dam at Wattaquadock Pond: Use the main entrance on Wattaquadock Hill Rd., follow the path straight ahead past the upper pond. Go over the humpback bridge and continue on the main path. Eventually you will see the dam on your right. Take the fork off the trail to the right down to a bridge, Cross the bridge and the stamp container is next to a tree on the left a few feet further. About 1/3 mile from the Fyfleshire entrance Lat 42.41538967879423 Long -71.64899110794069
  14. Powder House – Quail Run Side: From the trail head at the end of Quail Run Road, approximately 0.1 mi in before trail drops steeply, tucked under rock, on right
  15. Vaughn Hill – Cliff Area below North Peak: Approaching from the Green St. parking area walk to the beaver pond shore staying to the eastern side. Walk the trail along the eastern shore of the beaver pond toward its northern end. Turn left at the second branch trail which heads northeast along the base of North Peak. Just past 0.25 mi from its start, the trail is at its closest to the cliff base. Look at crevices under large boulders just off the trail to find the container
  16. Keyes Farm Pipeline Crossing: Enter at the parking area on route 85 (Hudson Rd.). Follow the trail for .5 miles ignoring the path on the right at .4 miles. Stamp container is between a tree and a rock just before crossing the pipeline Lat 42.4196826178159 Long -71.57840073108675